N2 Purge in Processes
  1. About 20nm or less Semiconductor Manufacturing Process, new issues have been occurred. These have an negative effect on Quality and Yield.
  2. N2 Purge protects "Process Patten" against Outgassing, H2O, O2, and residual gases between unit processes via supplying N2 into FOUP.
N2 Purge System Modification
  1. As semiconductor advanced processes immerge, FOUP(Front Opening Unified Pod) has become critical to wafer manufacturing yield N2 purging during FOUP protects the wafers from harmful effects of oxygen, water vapor and gaseous contaminants. By replacing O2 with N2, make it restraining function for the growth of natural silicon dioxide film.
  2. It's what helped make possible things like N2 Purge flow and addition unit control from inside the FOUP.
LPM Manufacturing
  1. It provides a new concept to produce a Load Port for use in a semiconductor manufacturing process.
  2. The Load Port was adopted to meet the inside of the FOUP N2 Purge Flow and additional features.
  3. It will be offered a better solution in less than 20nm process.
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